by The Deal

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Tape coming soon via United Voice Records

Recorded by Christian Alm & Big Al

Art by Trisha Lee


released May 19, 2017

Thank you: Josh Poer, Owen Mackaman, Sean Thompson, Trenton Duvall, Jaden Fletcher, Out of Focus, Substancexxx, Fenced In, Step 4 Change, Nick 1Chillguy, and all of the GF Youth.



all rights reserved


The Deal Fargo, North Dakota

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Track Name: Damage is Done
The damage is done
Your battles been won
One on one
See what you've done...

Lately I've been feeling pretty small
Surrounded by people who don't care at all
Lately nothing fucking works
I try & try again just to fall face first

What's free
Is damaging me

I don't know what you want from me
I need you gone I need to fucking breathe
You plead and plead just get off your knees
The things you say irritate me

What's free
Is damaging me

The damage is done...
Track Name: Feel
You pretended to care
Held me close, tangled up in your snare
My wings are clipped & yours are too
Now i'm being selfish just like you

I cared
You're wrong

No more & no one
Will last, it's done
I can't relate
It's strange I hate
I'm not like you, I don't want to be

I cared
You're wrong
I care
Are you one

To feel - no more fucking violence
To feel - no more senseless hate
Track Name: In Circles
Running in circles is what you ask of me
I'm never really certain of who I want to be
I'm going back & forth through the black & white
My days are being wasted & i've given all my time

You're in my head, now let's tear it all apart
I don't want a brain, I don't want to be a part
Track Name: Strange
The world seems far
I'm not quite out of reach
I'm not my own person
I'm not who you meet

Will I ever be the same?
My mind seems so strange...

Torture myself to feel something
Skin myself with my own fucking blade

It's seems so hard to live this way
My life has been changed
Will I ever be the same?
My mind seems so strange...

attack myself.. do it again.. i'm feeling on edge.. i'm feeling it again
will I ever be the same?